African student at MedicScan Engineer Program Class.

Become a certified world-class  web application or machine learning engineer in 4 months & get hired after graduation

This is an online bootcamp program designed and certified in Japan

Why Attend MedicScan Engineering Program?


MedicScan Engineering Program is a best-in-class training program for software and  machine learning engineers. The training is designed and certified in Japan by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Health , Labor and Welfare. The curriculum has been structured to equip learners with the most practical and industry specific skills. 


  1. Get word-class training from Japan

  2. Training is purely online and can access the training resources 24/7

  3. Training is practical and industry specific. We don`t have time to waste with irrelavant theories!

  4. Can engage with mentors/instructors anytime

  5. Daily online lectures

  6. Complete your course within 4 months

  7. Learn new business skills (Kaizen)

  8. Get connected to job opportunities and investors after graduation.