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Company Overview:

AfricaScan Inc. is established in 2014 to create a healthier future of Africa, by bringing our best practices in Japan. We offer life-changing preventive healthcare services in Kenya through various channels and science-based theory and technology.

Our parent company Cancer Scan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), run by public health PhDs, professional FMCG marketers and AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Big Data scientists, has contributed to improvement in Japanese public health, providing research and consultation for health policy planning & providing AI-based mobile app for diseases prevention.

We believe that by working together with the best Kenyan partners, our best knowledge & experience in Japan could greatly contribute to the improvement of health & wellness of Kenyan lives in the new era in which the risk of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing.


Japanese STAFF

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CEO Jun Fukuyoshi

Founded Cancer Scan co.,ltd. in 2008, funded by Social Enterprise fellowship from Harvard Business School. Previously worked as a brand manager at marketing department of P&G Japan. MBA in Harvard Business School in 2008.

代表取締役社長 福吉 潤

慶應義塾大学総合政策学部卒業、ハーバード大学経営大学院修了(MBA) P&G Japanでブランドマネージャーとしてマーケティング/ブランドマネジメントを担当後ハーバードビジネススクールに進学。2008年7月ハーバードビジネススクール研究員として従事したのち2008年11月株式会社キャンサースキャンを創業。

・慶應義塾大学大学院 健康マネジメント研究科 非常勤講師
・ 大阪大学大学院 超域イノベーション博士課程 特別講師
・ 中央大学大学院 戦略経営研究科兼任講師
・ 厚生労働省がん検診受診促進企業 連携推進事業アドバイザリーボードメンバー


GM Kenta Hara

After graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture Master's Program (International Agricultural Development), worked as an assistant at the university. In 2014, he transferred to Independent of Samoa as a JICA (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer) to promote health behaviour through vegetables. After returning to Japan, he worked at Ritsumeikan University as a University Research Administrator (URA) in intellectual property management, new business development, and project management. I have completed the Osaka University / Ritsumeikan The Lean LaunchPad program

National STAFF


 Sales Manager
Cyrus Ng'ang'a

Joined AfricaScan in 2018, after 5+ years of experience working at DIB Bank K Ltd and Gulf African Bank Ltd. in various fields such as sales, customer service and operations. Master of Science in Global Marketing in the University of Nairobi in 2018. B.A. in Communication and Political Science in the same institution.


 Business Development Manager
Patrick Miruka

Born in a slum area in Kenya. After working for an American missionary as a coordinator and interpreter, joined African in 2014. Execute all the operations on the ground and manage customer relations.


 Head Nutritionist
Esther Mugo

After working in Naivasha Sub-county Referal Hospital as the nutritionist, joined AfricaScan in 2018. Graduated Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences in 2016, obtained the practising license of nutrition in 2017.

Company Infomation

Japan Office (Headquarter)

Nishi-Gotanda 1-3-8 Gotanda PLACE 2F,
Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3 4405 9699



050 1743 7469

Kenya Office(Branch Office)

KMA Centre, Block D, 4th floor, Suite 4.3
Mara Road Nairobi, KENYA.

P.O Box 3038-00506
+254 726 997 407

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