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Machine Learning Engineer Program
(Lecture, Mentoring and Self-study)

Full-time (Bootcamp)


Fees: 1,800usd (Approx. 194, 400 KES)

Duration: 4 Months

Get hired immediately after graduation

Course Overview

The Machine Learning Engineer Course enables one to become a self-propelled machine learning engineer in 4 months. In this program, you will not just learn knowledge, but you will learn the skills you really need, developed based on the current industry practices.

This course has been certified as "Fourth Industrial Revolution Skill Acquisition Course" in Japan. It has also been designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a "specialized practice education and training designated course", and has also been designated as a target course for "specialized practice education and training benefits" and "education and training support benefits." 

Program Period

Duration: 4 months 

                    Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri)

          Introductory Term: 5 Weeks

 Basic Term: 3.5 Weeks

             Employment Term: 8.5Weeks


This is an online self-study course with daily lectures and support from mentors /instructors 24/7.

Course Description


HTML. CSS, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, jQuery, SQL

Practical training issues

We will work on the materials used by Every leaf Co., Ltd. (a trustee company that handles Ruby on Rails) for training newcomers. In this way, you can reach the minimum required level in the field of engineering.

Code review

In the original application development and portfolio development, it is not about "only codes". We will conduct a rigorous review of each and every student to ensure that it is a valuable practical code.


Team development

As with most sites, you will use GitHub to add functionality to applications that are already partially complete. Be prepared to move as a team member as soon as you penetrate the industry.


Healthcare knowledge

The program aims to train engineers who will be active in the healthcare field, so the graduation project is to create a solution to a medical or healthcare-related problem. The program also provides time to gain healthcare knowledge input and insights from medical experts. At the same time, students will also acquire knowledge of analysis methods unique to healthcare and medical statistics.


KAIZEN/Business skills

Kaizen is a process of improvement, used by companies such as Toyota. During the program, we will provide you with Japanese business skills and methods of improvement, which are necessary in society.