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About Us

MedicScan Software Engineering Program is a specialized online vocational training program for Website and Machine Learning Engineers. We offer learners with an intensive, practical, industry specific and best-in-class training from Japan. 

Our Story

At MedicScan Engineering School we understand the pain that graduates undergo after spending so much resources and time in colleges/universities but end up unemployed. Our objective is to provide quality and practical training from Japan and help learners kick-start their tech careers by equiping them with practical in-demand skills. We have also partnered with a number of employers and investors both in Japan and Kenya who are ready to hire our graduates or invest in their projects. 


Program Features

Employment Support 

We have many cases where people who entered the school over the age of 30 or who have graduated from high school have found employment as engineers. We are willing to offer any opportunity to anyone who is serious about it. A dedicated advisor will support you until you get a job. In employment support, we provide comprehensive support such as portfolio creation and interview preparation. However, keep in mind that finding a job requires effort and patience.

Get Local & International Networks

In this program, you can make friends who work hard together. Programming learning tends to be frustrating by itself, but if you have friends to study with, you can overcome it. There are also opportunities to interact with other students and graduates, and even after graduation, we will continue to connect you with our peers. In addition to learning, there have been many examples of former graduates hiring students.

24/7 Mentors Support

We support self-propelled activities such as how to proceed with learning and setting goals. Even if progress is delayed, it is possible to consult with a mentor and set new goals. Mentors will do their utmost to help you reach your goals. We also have regular voices in the study room, so even those who are not good at asking questions from themselves can feel at ease.

Industry-specific Training

We have a customized curriculum aimed at enabling you to work as a professional engineer in the industry. Through practical work and team development, we train you to be an engineer required by companies in the shortest path.

Project-based/Practical Curriculum

Just reading a book leaves me uncertain whether it can actually be used. Our curriculum is designed to deal with unknown problems such as Toy Problem, mock projects, Kaggle, and application development including treatise implementation. Learners will be reuired to work on several real time projects before graduation.

Soft | Business Skills

You will acquire not only technical knowledge but also creative, soft and business skills. We are focusing on equipping you with communication skills, problem-solving and Kaizen business skills to help you solve society and industry problems.  

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